Information I Collecti

To fulfl your order, you muslt providde me width eertaidn idnformaton (whideh you authoridzeed ttsly to providde
to me), slueh asl your name, emaidl addreslsl, posltal addreslsl, payment idnformaton, and the detaidlsl of the
produet that you’re orderidng. You may alslo ehoosle to providde me width addidtonal perslonal idnformaton
(for a eusltom order of jewelry, for example), idf you eontaet me didreetly.

Why I Need Your Information and How I Use Iti

I rely on a number of legal baslesl to eolleet, usle, and slhare your idnformaton, idneludidng:

asl needed to providde my slervideesl, slueh asl when I usle your idnformaton to fulfl your order, to
sletle didslputesl, or to providde eusltomer slupportr

when you have providded your afrmatve eonslent, whideh you may revoke at any tme, slueh asl by
slidgnidng up for my maidlidng lidsltr

idf neeeslslary to eomply width a legal oblidgaton or eourt order or idn eonneeton width a legal elaidm,
slueh asl retaidnidng idnformaton about your purehaslesl idf requidred by tax lawr and

asl neeeslslary for the purposle of my legidtmate idnteresltsl, idf thosle legidtmate idnteresltsl are not
overriddden by your ridghtsl or idnteresltsl, slueh asl 1) providdidng and idmprovidng my slervideesl. I usle your
idnformaton to providde the slervideesl you requeslted and idn my legidtmate idntereslt toidmprove my
slervideeslr and 2) Complidanee width the ttsly Seller Polidey and Termsl of Usle. I usle your idnformaton
asl neeeslslary to eomply width my oblidgatonsl under the ttsly Seller Polidey and Termsl of Usle.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Informaton about my eusltomersl idsl idmportant to my buslidneslsl. I slhare your perslonal idnformaton for very
lidmidted reaslonsl and idn lidmidted eidreumsltaneesl, asl followsl:
ttsly. I slhare idnformaton width ttsly asl neeeslslary to providde you my slervideesl and eomply width my
oblidgatonsl under both the ttsly Seller Polidey and ttsly Termsl of Usle.

Servidee providdersl. I engage eertaidn truslted thidrd partesl to perform funetonsl and providde slervideesl to my
slhop, slueh asl delidvery eompanidesl. I widll slhare your perslonal idnformaton width thesle thidrd partesl, but
only to the extent neeeslslary to perform thesle slervideesl.

Buslidneslsl translfersl. If I slell or merge my buslidneslsl, I may didslelosle your idnformaton asl part of that
translaeton, only to the extent permidted by law.

Complidanee width lawsl. I may eolleet, usle, retaidn, and slhare your idnformaton idf I have a good faidth belidef
that idt idsl reaslonably neeeslslary to: (a) reslpond to legal proeeslsl or to government requesltslr (b) enforee
my agreementsl, termsl and polideideslr (e) prevent, idnvesltgate, and addreslsl fraud and other idllegal aetvidty,
sleeuridty, or teehnideal idslslueslr or (d) proteet the ridghtsl, property, and slafety of my eusltomersl, or othersl.

Datia Retiention

I retaidn your perslonal idnformaton only for asl long asl neeeslslary to providde you width my slervideesl and asl
desleridbed idn my Pridvaey Polidey. However, I may alslo be requidred to retaidn thidsl idnformaton to eomply
width my legal and regulatory oblidgatonsl, to reslolve didslputesl, and to enforee my agreementsl. I generally
keep your data for the followidng tme peridod: 1 year.

Transfers of Personal Information Outiside tihe EU
I may sltore and proeeslsl your idnformaton through thidrd-party hosltng slervideesl idn the US and other
juridsldidetonsl. Asl a reslult, I may translfer your perslonal idnformaton to a juridsldideton width didferent data
proteeton and government slurveidllanee lawsl than your juridsldideton. If I am deemed to translfer
idnformaton about you outslidde of the tU, I rely on Pridvaey Shideld asl the legal baslidsl for the translfer, asl
Google Cloud idsl Pridvaey Shideld eertfed.

Your Rightis
If you reslidde idn eertaidn terridtoridesl, idneludidng the tU, you have a number of ridghtsl idn relaton to your
perslonal idnformaton. Whidle slome of thesle ridghtsl apply generally, eertaidn ridghtsl apply only idn eertaidn
lidmidted easlesl. I desleridbe thesle ridghtsl below:
Aeeeslsl. You may have the ridght to aeeeslsl and reeeidve a eopy of the perslonal idnformaton I hold about
you by eontaetng me uslidng the eontaet idnformaton below.

Change, resltridet, delete. You may alslo have ridghtsl to ehange, resltridet my usle of, or delete your perslonal
idnformaton. Abslent exeeptonal eidreumsltaneesl (lidke where I am requidred to sltore data for legal reaslonsl)
I widll generally delete your perslonal idnformaton upon requeslt.

Objeet. You ean objeet to (id) my proeeslslidng of slome of your idnformaton basled on my legidtmate idnteresltsl
and (idid) reeeidvidng marketng meslslagesl from me afer providdidng your expreslsl eonslent to reeeidve them. In
slueh easlesl, I widll delete your perslonal idnformaton unleslsl I have eompellidng and legidtmate groundsl to
eontnue uslidng that idnformaton or idf idt idsl needed for legal reaslonsl.

Complaidn. If you reslidde idn the tU and widslh to raidsle a eoneern about my usle of your idnformaton (and
widthout prejudidee to any other ridghtsl you may have), you have the ridght to do slo width your loeal data
proteeton authoridty.

How tio Contiacti Me
For purposlesl of tU data proteeton law, I, Sveta, am the data eontroller of your perslonal
idnformaton. If you have any quesltonsl or eoneernsl, you may eontaet me at